Our Mission & Vision

  • C Conscientious about our duty to our clients
  • O On target with our service delivery
  • R Rational in our approach and tailored assesments of each application
  • E Emigration that is seamless and hassle free
"Defining Quality and Excellence in Immigration Service”

We live and breath by our commitment to our clients and ensuring
their application has the best chance of success.

Who we are

Core Immigration provides sound immigration advice and visa support for individuals who already are in New Zealand and for people looking to migrate to New Zealand. We are an interdisciplinary team that pride ourselves and the way we can support New Zealand employers who have migrant staff.

With more than 15 years of combined industry experience our team of expert Licensed Immigration Advisers are here to help achieve your immigration goals. We understand that unique opportunities present unique situations and no matter what your situation is, one of our experts will always be able to help.

Core Immigration has been able to establish itself as a trusting brand that listens and values your input in the process, and we give and tailor our advice that is unique to your situation which makes that immigration goal achievable.

Core Immigration has a strong understanding and relativity to our fellow migrants, our devotion to excellent client service and our untarnished success rate in our applications is our continued commitment to our clients. We are passionate about anything to do with migration and supporting your visit, study or permanent plans to settle in New Zealand.

Our Partnership

Core Immigration joined hands with Phoenix Healthcare Group on August 2021 to strengthen its values and commitment to the community. This partnership has helped both organisations to provide employers with an end-to-end solution for their team members may it be Immigration or Health.

With this partnership, our innovative approach and client feedback we initiated the process to establish a recruitment arm of the business. This recruitment arm will serve as a full staffing and recruitment solution to our corporate clients no matter what industry they belong too.

Our expertise across different industry sectors and our overseas links put us in a strong position to enable us to successfully launch this initiative that our client base can now have access to, having one port of call for all our client needs is our aim, this allows for a more streamlined service delivery and an end to end solution for all staffing needs.

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