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Going abroad for studies can be a difficult task. Settling into a new country and getting admission into the best universities might be stressful. At Core Immigration, we help students in getting the best higher studies abroad.

We know that both parents and students are stressed about the journey. Core Immigration makes efforts to make your journey quite comfortable and safe. Our team figures out the best universities and colleges that suit their personal, academic, financial, and other parameters. In addition to that, we make sure of the travel dates and ensure you can get higher discounts on your tickets. Also, your pickup from the airport, drop off, and hotel selection; everything is on us.


Student Visa Benefits

Way To Excellent Learning

New Zealand is well-known for its global education system, unparalleled quality of life, and internationally accredited qualifications. In simple words, New Zealand can be the best destination to study and make a mark in your career. At Core Immigration, we work with a motive to make the student’s dream of studying abroad true. Our licensed immigration advisers and education experts make efforts to make the process hassle-free and smooth. We allow you to focus on your plans to study.


Internationally Recognised Credentials

As mentioned earlier, you can count New Zealand as one of the safest places to live and study. When looking for options to study abroad, you and your parents also look out for safe options.

It is already tough to live in a new country and study without your family. New Zealand is a country where you can find the lowest crime rates which makes it the best environment for international students. Most courses are globally acknowledged or transferrable. Thus, when you complete your education there, you can use your knowledge and skills anywhere in the world. That is why, when you have a safe option, it is a great call to go with it.

Brilliant Education

New Zealand has a research-based education scheme. It means you will get to learn about the ways to deal with situations in a systematic and organized manner. You will get to work on the aspects that will help you work and think independently. Apart from that, you will work on group projects that will make your learning experience fun and innovative.

Therefore, by studying in New Zealand, you can work on your critical thinking and problem-solving skills.


Creativity and Research

If you are looking for universities that allow you a wide range of options for research opportunities, New Zealand can be your dream destination. This country strongly invests in its research assignments and encourages its students to be creative in their approach. Along with this, they provide the required support and tools to make sure they are thriving in their chosen research path.

They are known for their technologies, research, and growth in various fields, such as healthcare, physics, geology, engineering, computer science, and agriculture. In the last century, New Zealand has been awarded 3 Nobel prizes for its education system.

For Ph.D. Students

Completing your PhD from a different country helps you to learn from a unique perspective, and you get to meet scholars from across the world. You will have to pay the same tuition fees as the local students. In addition, through a PhD study visa option, you can work full-time while finishing your studies.

Peaceful and Safe Environment

When speaking of safety, New Zealand comes third on the Global Peace Index 2021. It is proof of its social tolerance and political stability. As a consequence, it becomes a secure place for an international student to live and study. The government of New Zealand arranges obligations for Universities and Private Training organizations. It helps the international students to have a comfortable life in their universities.

Working while studying

When you study in New Zealand, it is essential to get the experience of working to support your lifestyle and living standard. The government allows international students to work for 20 hours a week while working and work full-time during their course intervals.

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