Shamsher Singh

Founder and adviser Shamsher Singh founded Core Immigration in May 2017 and since then have submitted hundreds of visa applications with a success rate of 97 percent as on mid Nov 2021. Shamsher is a renowned persona within the Indian Sikh community and is a humble person, always eager to help others in time of need.
He hales from a farming family in India and started his student life in New Zealand in 2009, navigating himself through the immigration system gave him the skills in visa applications and empowered him to apply for his own visas, from his work visa through his permanent residency. This inspired Shamsher to complete his post graduate course in Immigration and assist other hopeful applicants with their immigration applications.
Shamsher is renowned for his exceptional advice to hundreds of clients and assisting in their visa applications speaks volumes of his untenable devotion to the migrant community. He also is a member of the local Sikh temple committee membership.
Founder and Lead Immigration Adviser, Shamsher is a full license holder and is the reason for the 97% success rate of over hundreds of applications for Core Immigration clients.

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