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Core Immigration provides its clients with complete support for their immigration services. When you indulge with us, you get sound immigration advice and visa support to get into New Zealand. If you have a dream to go abroad, Core Immigration can make it come true. Our team provides you with a one-stop solution to all your queries.

Having years of experience, our team of experts is here to help you achieve your immigration goals. We understand that everyone has their own requirements and different situations, we are here to meet all of your needs. Our experts will be there to help with every opportunity and situation.

In case you are looking for a location to study abroad, New Zealand can be the perfect option. Whether it’s about the environment or opportunities, New Zealand has everything to give you a bright future.

With our strong understanding and relativity to our fellow migrants, we can help you get admission to the top-most universities in New Zealand. From your visa to the application process, our team is there to help you with everything. We are dedicated to providing excellent client service, and our untarnished win rate in our applications is our continued commitment to our clients.


How We Work

Core Immigration

Get Your Hands On Excellent Immigration Services

Core Immigration works with a motive to help our clients with travel and get their visas done as soon as possible.

Whether you want to go abroad to study or on a trip or you want to meet your loved ones, we have a solution for you. We try to figure out the best solutions for you so you can get the best experience during your stay. You can get in touch with us to get a student Visa, other federal programs – investors and entrepreneurs, family and spousal sponsorships, temporary visas & permits – work permits, various provincial nominee programs, and visitor/tourist visas.

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At Core Immigration, we are devoted to making you feel supported at every step of your journey abroad.


We have a living network of students, alumni, and employers that helps you settle in there.


We operate intending to provide students and others with better support while you plan your trip to a new place.

Our Team

Devoted Team of Professionals

An organization can function better when the team is supportive and works together. Our helpful team of Core Immigration works toward a common objective and a picture that allows us to help people and their movements all over the globe.

Our Partnership

Our Loyal Partners

Core Immigration has a partnership with different companies. Because of that, we can strengthen our values and remain dedicated to the community. With this partnership, we are able to figure out end-to-end solutions for our clients to help them with Immigration.

We are on a path to provide a quality international education for everyone beyond geographies and borders. That is why you can take advantage of the first-rate migration services to start a new life abroad.

Get Access To Quality Education

You can build your life in a new country; make the process seamless with us.

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