New Zealand has always been a special destination to visit for the world, may it be our untamed wilderness, our culture, our marvellous beaches, towering mountains, and mist-cloaked fiords everyone can find their inspiration here. Core Immigration can assist with taking away your hassle of visiting this beautiful country while you focus on ticking off your bucket list and what to pack.
Core Immigration has successfully processed hundreds of visitor visas, if you are visiting to meet your family, partner, sight-seeing or are here on a special occasion, one of our expert advisers is always here to assist.

People can come to New Zealand as a visitor, it is a breath-taking country to visit and spend your holiday. Whether individuals are on the go or want a quieter holiday there is always plenty to suit everyone’s taste and personality.
Core Immigration can assist with your application and make this process stress free so you can concentrate on what is important for example packing your bags, booking your tickets, your accommodation and the adventure packs.

Immigration New Zealand has special concessions provided to Group Visitor visas or those people who intend to travel to New Zealand together as a group for a common purpose. All that your group needs to do is nominate a leader who takes the responsibility for organizing the trip and take care of common travel arrangements, the nominee can then get the Group Visitor visa for the entire unit.
Its common that most group visits are supported by a New Zealand entity, your group may be covered for most visa requirements by your sponsor. Core Immigration can get this process for you seamless and get you and unit to focus on the trip ahead.

  • General Visitor Visa
  • Working Holiday Visa
  • Parent or Grand Parent Category Visitor Visa

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