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New Zealand ranks third in the Global peace Index, it’s a testament to its residents and citizens ensuring that their safety and living standard is a top priority. New Zealand is also known for its diverse and multicultural grain where people from all walks of life can come together and live-in harmony.

Core Immigration is here to assist in making your dream of living in New Zealand permanently come true. Our expert and licensed immigration advisers have assisted thousands of migrants make New Zealand its permanent home and we have a proven track record of unbeatable success rate.

Reaping the rewards of hard work is always the best feeling, this category of work to residence is simply enabling this for individuals who have worked hard in gaining the skills that is in high demand in New Zealand.
A residence application could be complex and sometimes not as straightforward as it may seem on the surface, Core Immigrations licensed and expert immigration advisers are here to assist you every step of the way in ensuring you lodge a successful visa application enabling you to enjoy the rewards of your hard work.

Immigration New Zealand invite people who have the skills to contribute to New Zealand’s economic growth to apply for this visa. Before they can invite you to apply, they will first need to see an expression of Interest (EOI) telling them about your employment in New Zealand , work experience and qualifications. If your Expression of Interest is successful, they will offer for you the opportunity to apply to live and work in New Zealand indefinitely.

  • Live, work and study in New Zealand
  • Indefinitely live in New Zealand
  • Include tour partner and dependent children aged 24 and under in your residence application.

Immigration New Zealand uses a point based system the current threshold is of 160 points and above.
Core immigration is here to assist you ensuring we assess your application before lodgement and guide you along the way to ensure a strong application is presented to Immigration New Zealand.

  • Partner of a New Zealand Resident Visa
  • Long term Skill Shortage List Resident Visa 
  • Parent Retirement Resident Visa
  • Parent Resident Visa
  • Talent (Accredited Employer) Resident Visa
  • Dependent Child Resident Visa
  • Investor resident Visa
  • Entrepreneur Resident Visa
  • Refugee Family Support Resident Visa

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