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Core Immigration functions from its main branch in Christchurch, New Zealand but has a global reach.
We have a number of years of experiencing sourcing and assisting international students and enrolling them successfully in New Zealand colleges and universities. We have established ground base in India, Philippines and South Korea and are strengthening our ties with China to ensure we keep bringing quality students to our partner universities in New Zealand. This makes us not only an international brand but a trusted partner.

India: Every year there are about 55,000 to 60,000 international students that hail from different countries to come and study in different colleges and universities in New Zealand out of this number about 14,000 students come from India every year, this equates to about 25 percent of the student market, this is after Immigration New Zealand rejecting a third of the applications due to fraudulent applications and unprofessional advise.
We at Core Immigration have an amazing team of Licensed Immigration Advisers and work under the Immigration New Zealand code of conduct and currently have a 97% success rate on our visa applications for our organisation. This makes us a trusted brand and known as someone that can deliver on our service.
We have established sites in India in different regions such as New Delhi, Chandigarh, Amritsar, Ludhiana, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh, having this presence locally gives us the leading edge and the one-on-one consultation that the students and the colleges and universities require.
We also have student councillors in all our branches helping students to pick the right courses further assisting the colleges and universities and instilling confidence in our approach.
Philippines: The land of the hospitable and happy people. Philippines is known for its culture and the vibrant people that live in this beautiful country. From an official report in 2015 conducted by Education New Zealand, Philippines have been the third largest growing market in terms of international student. And India, China and Philippines combined made 99% of the total growth of the international student market in New Zealand in 2015. About 2000 to 4000 students travel from Philippines to New Zealand for education purposes in New Zealand every year.
Filipinos are very focused and usually are high achievers, education is a must and has always been their top priority they are also hard workers, seeing this the government entered into an agreement with the Philippines government in 2020 fast tracking most visa application from Philippines, pre-dominantly putting them under a fast-track system to fill seasonal work shortages roles in New Zealand.
In recent years the Filipino population has grown tremendously in New Zealand and these projections are only to grow in the coming years. We have established offices in Metro Manila Philippines and work with the local government to ensure that we abide by there safe migration protocols. Our student councillors are always willing to help potential international students helping them choose a career pathway that they can excel in and enrolling them through our partner colleges and universities.
Due to our strong ties to Philippines with our CEO being born in the Philippines and knowledgeable about the local culture and moral values of Filipinos we are confident that we can further grow the international student market from the Philippines.

South Korea: If we believe the trends, it shows that the South Korean market has steadily been declining since 2005 with its lowest number of about 2000 students in the year 2014 but then, since 2015 this number have started to creep up with the data showing that since 2017 this numbers have grown to about 3000 international students in the year 2017. This numbers are projected to grow in the coming years with New Zealand and its strong position and image of a safe country to live and study in.
We have established roots in South Korea and have been bringing in students from the Korean peninsula since 2010 that is more than 10 years of established market share of international students from South Korea. Hoyoung Lee the founder of Step-up education and Immigration have recently joined the Core Immigration family and is a great value to our international reach programme ensuring we are able to bring quality students to the New Zealand education system.

Every organisation will like to stand out and present its best to its business partners and paint a great picture, Core Immigration is genuine in its approach and our value is determined by our successful visa applications and our track record. Our key difference are as below:

  • We are a team of four Licensed Immigration Advisers with a further two future immigration advisers looking to enrol in a course to validate their passion in Immigration. 
  • We carry out our services under the Code of Conduct and we work under the Immigration New Zealand guidelines. This ensures that the applications that we support has a higher success rate. 
  • Strong business command and market knowledge. 
  • International reach and we speak local languages from each country that we cater international students from. 
  • Local presence, our main office is based in New Zealand giving our colleges and universities the ease of communication with our team in New Zealand. 
  • Successful track record , as of November 2021 our success rate for all our visa applications are at 97% , we continue to build on this strong work ethic further assuring our partner organisations that we can deliver. 
  • A growing organisation and visionary approach.

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