Employers and Recruiters


Employers and Recruiters

Core Immigration has been successful in assisting immigrants from all over the world to realize their goals in New Zealand, whether they were to merely visit, find employment, or establish permanent residence. Clients have also received citizenship assistance from us. We assist immigrants worldwide in realizing their aspirations in New Zealand, whether they are to visit, find employment, or establish permanent residence merely. As part of the immigration procedure, we also provide advice to employers.

A coordinated immigration strategy has never been more crucial, given the heightened compliance requirements for firms that hire migrant workers. To comprehend your organizational structure and your present and future needs for migrant workers, our licensed consultants collaborate with you and your personnel. We offer a one-stop shop for an integrated immigration procedure that includes continuous immigration assistance, accreditation, and handling worker visa applications.



Your Trusted Business Immigration Partner

Each business is unique. As your immigration partner, we will comprehend your company’s procedures and regulations. We offer knowledgeable immigration counsel and identify workable solutions so you can continue employing immigrants. Core Immigration collaborates with companies to guarantee that immigration procedures are carried out correctly and professionally. Depending on your accreditation level, the employer accreditation process requires a variety of additional business activities. Particularly small enterprises that lack the luxury of full-time human resources staff may need assistance putting up these necessary procedures.

Our specialized recruitment branch has helped employers find competent, dependable workers. In collaboration with the employer, we will identify the distinctive features of your company. We choose a candidate that possesses the skills and background you are seeking.

Additionally, we can ensure that you follow all immigration policy guidelines while you are accredited. We make the whole process of accreditation renewal less difficult. A talent-accredited employer category for work visas was once available. Due to the end of the employer accreditation program, new accreditation under this category is no longer available

Core Immigration can help you find workers for the engineering, construction, and agricultural sectors domestically and internationally.

Accredited Employers Assistance In Work Visa

Any employer who wishes to hire migrants must now obtain employment authorization. There are different levels of employer accreditation. We can assist you in choosing the right one for your company. An organization must hire six or more employer-assisted migrants annually to qualify for high-volume accreditation. While the procedure is the same as for standard certification, there will be more sure to make specific employment standards being followed.

Occupational, Health, Recruitment, And Staffing

Franchisees and employers who want to hire migrants from controlling third parties will need to meet additional restrictions—more checks are like health and jobs, as mendicants criteria to meet.

The Merger

To assure service streamlining and end-to-end client service delivery, Phoenix Healthcare Group, Phoenix Healthcare Allied Services, Phoenix Recruitment Services, and Core Immigration have teamed up.

We are familiar that most corporations in New Zealand have occupational health requirements. Occasionally this workforce consists of both local and foreign workers. During any shortage, employers need continuing assistance with staffing. Our merger guarantees that these demands can be met with just one phone call and that any or all of these services are available.

Now that we are working in the background to ensure they are adequately trained and equipped, our clients and business partners may concentrate on the most crucial duties.


Quality Advice

Our experts ensure you get the best piece of advice for your work.


Safest Option

We assure that you get the best place to work in New Zealand.


Well-written Employment Agreement

Our team helps you get a perfect employment agreement; so you can start your work with transparency.

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